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Sonic Colors Ultimate: a mess of bugs, a patch promised

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The output of Sonic Colours Ultimate on modern machines has not been very successful, especially among those who expected a title at least as successful as on Wii. SEGA has since ensured that a patch is on the way.

Since the famous “reboot” of 2006, Sonic had not really talked about him again for titles with failing stability. And while the moose on Wii was not illustrated by such flaws, Sonic Colours Ultimate came to remind that SEGA may have admitted having roughed up the franchise in recent years, he still has the ax in his hand.

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Disponible sur PS4, Xbox One, Switch et PC, Sonic Colours Ultimate was presented as a way to rediscover the base game with new controls and content in addition to high definition.

On Switch, Sonic Colors Ultimate loads slower than the original on Wii

Actually Sonic Colours Ultimate displays a questionable performance, with in particular dangerous graphical bugs for people with epilepsy, crashes and loading times, so to speak, disgraceful on Switch since three times higher than those of the Wii version.

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Katie Chrzanowski, in charge of communication at SEGA on social networks, assured that a corrective patch in development:

“Hello everyone ! We appreciate all of your feedback on Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and the teams are listening and working on an upcoming patch. Thank you all for your patience while we look into this matter!

Small parenthesis: we have noticed that some graphics problems have been caused by an emulator, which is unfortunately beyond our control.

Trying to figure out which bugs are legitimate can really slow down the QA process. If you have any issues, please report them here: http://sega.com/support. ”

However, several media have indicated that they encountered failures while testing the game on Switch, even if some would ask for a specific procedure to be observed. Under these conditions, and with the right equipment, how can we not recommend the original grind for browsing? Sonic Colours without endangering his health?


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