Russia imposed sanctions on Mark Zuckerbreg: what is forbidden to the founder of Facebook

Earlier, Zuckerberg’s company Meta in Russia was recognized as extremist and blocked.

Mark Zuckerberg will no longer be able to walk around Moscow / Photo:

The Russian authorities, in response to Western sanctions, are expanding their own list of objectionable individuals. A list of 29 people was announced today, including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Anyone on the sanctions list is banned from visiting Russia indefinitely, so the Facebook founder will no longer be able to visit Red Square, or worse, relax in local resorts.

Recall that earlier in Russia, Meta was recognized as an extremist organization and banned its activities in the country.

The social networks Facebook and Instagram were blocked, but the Whatsapp messenger remained working, although it belongs to an American company.

Interestingly, Russian users demanded a billion dollars in compensation from Meta for blocking Instagram, despite the fact that Russia itself banned the social network.

Source: Segodnya

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