Here’s how to restart a crashed iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone or iPad is no longer responding. All your attempts to restart it have ended in bitter failures and you have even come to wonder if it is not in your best interest to make an appointment with the Geniuses in the Apple Store. Don’t panic, there is one last trick to try.

iOS and iPadOS are relatively stable platforms, but they’re not entirely bug-free either. It happens that blockages occur.

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And in some cases, these freezes can even prevent you from quitting the running app or restarting the device.

How to Force an iPhone or iPad to Restart

The good news is that these freezes can be easily overcome. Apple has indeed planned the blow and there is a manipulation to restart a blocked iPhone or iPad. A manipulation that relies on the physical buttons of the latter.

Relatively simple to implement, it consists of successively pressing the volume keys and the power button, of course respecting a given order.

Once the correct sequence has been saved, your iPhone or iPad will restart automatically.

To do this, the following operations must therefore be followed:

  1. Press the volume + button once;
  2. Press the volume button once;
  3. Press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen;

Normally, the pressure to be exerted on the power button should not exceed 5 seconds. However, it will be better to leave it pressed until the Apple logo appears.

What if that doesn’t work?

If this manipulation does not work, then it means that the problem may be hardware.

And there, the best will probably be to reserve a niche in the Apple Store. Even more if your device is still under warranty. Geniuses are generally very responsive and will know how to advise you.

To make an appointment in the Apple Store, nothing complicated, just call the store closest to you or go through the site.


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