Mysterious worm in the sky of Mars: scientists made an unexpected discovery

Discovery raises new questions about Mars’ atmosphere

Scientists have recorded an unusual aurora on Mars / Photo: NASA, Collage: Today

Scientists have known for over 15 years that auroras exist on Mars in the form of small spots. It is believed that these auroras formed from what was left of the magnetic field, which broke up billions of years ago.

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But the researchers of the Red Planet managed to capture a giant aurora, unlike any previously observed.

They call this phenomenon a “twisted, discrete aurora” with a worm-like shape: a luminous swirling band of ultraviolet light that stretches thousands of kilometers from the dayside of the sun to the far side of the planet.

The United Arab Emirates Space Agency’s Hope probe, orbiting Mars, took the picture using an ultraviolet spectrometer.

The discovery raises new questions about Mars’ atmosphere, the composition of its ancient magnetic field, and the influence of the solar wind, the gases emanating from the sun that make up what’s called “space weather.”

Earlier we wrote that the wreckage of a spaceship was found on Mars. Scientists will study their condition to better understand the process of landing on the Red Planet.

Source: Segodnya

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