Big techs follow the EU, more efforts against fake news

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(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, JUN 14 – The major technology companies in the world are ready to sign an updated version of the EU anti-disinformation code, with European countries pushing to more effectively target groups that spread propaganda and fake news through platforms online. The Financial Times reports it.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and TikTok are among those preparing to join the new regime, having made key concessions on the data they are willing to share with individual countries to combat disinformation. The move, reports the FT, “represents the latest effort to contain the power of Big Tech companies, with the EU at the forefront of a global regulatory push on Internet platforms that have become crucial to how billions of people receive news and information. “

According to a confidential report viewed by the Financial Times, an “updated code of conduct on disinformation” will force technology platforms to disclose how they remove, block or curb harmful content in advertising and content promotion. Online platforms will have to counter “harmful disinformation” by developing tools and collaborations with fact-checkers that may include the removal of propaganda but also the inclusion of “trust indicators” in independently verified information on issues such as the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, large tech groups will be forced to provide a country breakdown of their efforts, instead of just providing global or European data as they currently do. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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