Metro: we met the new robot-dog of the RATP

Boston Dynamics, the company behind the “Spot” robot dog, is still one of VivaTech’s flagship products. And for this 2022 edition of the tech and startups fair, he is back with the RATP necklace. Since November, the Parisian Régie has had this tool for the comfort of its employees. We were able to approach him to discover all his gadgets and learn more about his usefulness.

A robot-dog in metro and RER tunnels

The RATP did not order the robot-dog from Boston Dynamics but from Intuitive Robots, a Nantes startup which prepares the American brand’s devices by integrating specific software and equipment into them. It is with her that the RATP was able to configure its à la carte robot-dog and bring it to life in its new functions… in metro and RER entrances.

Out of more than 300, or 34,000 structures, the RATP must check the sub-platforms each year over colossal distances. A very hard task for the employees. Called “Perceval” by the RATP, the robot-dog will be able to simplify the task and prevent “our agents don’t hurt their backs, don’t bang their heads in the tunnels, just don’t hurt themselves!”, explained to 20 minutes the director of innovation of the RATP group, Côme Berbain.

Parceval’s mission

Perceval’s main mission is to detect potential cracks, the general condition of installations and to measure the temperature to prevent fire risks. For this, it is equipped with a 360 degree camera and another camera to be able to move. Its antennas, added by Intuitive Robots, allow the signal of the device to be carried over better distances. A scanner is also provided to make a complete x-ray of the galleries.

In addition to the security of passing metros, the sub-platforms are also strategic for fiber optic cables. In Île-de-France, it was stated via Télécité at the time that the RATP was installing its infrastructure. A “dark fiber” as it is often called, which many operators rented to be able to take advantage of the fiber. The company, which is a subsidiary of the RATP, manages more than 2,000 kilometers of cables… or 80,000 kilometers of optical fiber reported The New Factory in 2016.

Since then, the RATP has also won a management contract for 200 kilometers of the Grand Paris Express to house the optical fiber. Perhaps in the future, new “Parceval” robot dogs will be deployed.

Source: Presse-Citron

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