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    France will supply Ukraine with VAB amphibious armored personnel carriers: what is known

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    The combat vehicle is actively exported

    The combat weight of the armored personnel carrier is almost 14 tons. / Photo: Ukrainska Pravda, Collage: Today

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    French Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Lecornu said his country would supply Ukraine with a “significant number” of French-made armored personnel carriers and support vehicles known as VABs.

    CNN writes about it.

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    “In order to move quickly in areas under enemy fire, the armies need armored vehicles. France will supply transport vehicles of this type of VAB in significant quantities,” he said, without saying when the equipment would be delivered.

    In addition, Lecornu added that France is also exploring the possibility of supplying French-made Exocet anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.

    “Today” figured out what VAB will be sent to Ukraine.

    New technology

    As noted, VAB is a wheeled armored personnel carrier and support vehicle. It was developed by Saviem and Renault for the French army. Serial production of the combat vehicle has been carried out since 1976.

    At the same time, more than 5000 machines of this type were produced in various versions – both on the base two-axle chassis and on the three-axle one. About 4,000 of the machines produced entered service with the French army, which used them in the Persian Gulf War, as well as in a number of peacekeeping missions.

    In addition, VAB is actively exported and is in service with about 15 other countries.

    VAB of the 3rd Engineer Regiment at the Bastille Day parade, July 14, 2010.  Photo - Wikipedia.

    VAB of the 3rd Engineer Regiment at the Bastille Day parade, July 14, 2010. Photo – Wikipedia.

    Characteristics of the armored personnel carrier:

    • combat weight – 13.6 tons;
    • body length – 5980 mm;
    • width – 2490 mm;
    • height – 2060 mm;
    • track – 2035 mm;
    • clearance – 400 mm;
    • type of armor – rolled steel;
    • the forehead of the hull is protected from 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets;
    • hull side – protected from 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets;
    • stern of the hull – protected from 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets;
    • armament – 1 × 12.7 mm machine guns on most vehicles;
    • engine type – in-line, 6-cylinder diesel;
    • engine model – Renault MIDR 062045;
    • engine power – 300 l. With.;
    • highway speed – 110 km/h;
    • cruising range on the highway – 1000 km;
    • overcome rise – 30 hail;
    • overcome wall – 0.5 m;
    • ford to be overcome – floats.

    Interestingly, the crew of the combat vehicle consists of only two people, however, 10 paratroopers can be accommodated in an armored personnel carrier.

    Earlier, the Segodnya website wrote that this week the United States plans to announce the purchase for Ukraine of an advanced medium-range and long-range anti-missile and air defense system. We also wrote about the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, which are already hitting the invaders with might and main.

    Source: Segodnya

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