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    CyberOne: discover your new robot-companion signed Xiaomi

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    A few months ago, Tesla presented an amazing humanoid robot, which could replace humans in all tasks “dangerous, repetitive, and boring” everyday. Today, on the side of Xiaomi, we have just formalized a similar robot.

    A humanoid robot… but why?

    At Xiaomi, we therefore hope to flood homes with smartphones, tablets, electric scooters, Smart TVs… but also robots. The latest is called CyberOne, and looks like a humanoid robot about 1.75m high, weighing 52 kilos. A robot capable of walking (only 3.5 km/h) but also of moving its arms to, for example, pick a flower.

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    Obviously, Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot is doped with AI, an artificial intelligence that will allow the robot to learn from its mistakes, but also to perceive human emotions, in addition to offering it the possibility of making certain decisions. Like the robot signed Tesla, the CyberOne also has a vision system, called here Mi Sense. The latter allows him in particular to avoid obstacles or to recognize certain places and individuals.

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    In absolute terms, Xiaomi wants to make CyberOne a true everyday companion, capable of performing certain tasks in place of its owner. For the time being, it is still a prototype, the value of which is estimated at around 90,000 dollars, and whose movements still clearly lack flexibility. Remember that just a year ago, this same Xiaomi formalized CyberDog, a small robot dog.

    CyberOne is currently a showcase of the company’s technological capabilities, in terms of AI and robotics, the robot being able to lift a weight of 1.5 kg with one hand. Its vision system allows it to distinguish space in three dimensions, and CyberOne would be able to recognize more than forty different human emotions, simply from the voice. Xiaomi promises in particular that its robot is able to comfort someone that the AI ​​has detected as sad.

    We are now waiting to find out if Xiaomi will really be able to market such a robot one day at an affordable price, and if users are ready to welcome this type of humanoid robot into their homes without fearing a possible future “machine lifting“…

    Source: Presse-Citron

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