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As soon as it starts, Trump’s social TRUTH is sabotaged

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It didn’t take long for web jokers to tackle TRUTH, new social network of Donald Trump, ex-president of the United States.

As the Washington Post website reports, Internet users have sown discord over the first secret test version of TRUTH through accounts fakes – before seeing the site properly taken offline a few hours later.

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A pig story

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One user signed up under the nickname “donaldjtrump”, before posting a photo of a defecating pig – perhaps not the most subtle of approaches, but arguably the most effective for a hoax. The site also reveals that a journalist was able to appropriate the nickname “mikepence” without encountering any problem with the moderation of the site. The height for a site that bears the name of TRUTH …

The former President of the United States did not look very far for inspiration for his social network: TRUTH is an almost exact replica of Twitter. Instead of tweets and retweets, users post “Truths” – “Truths”, and then cannot post “Re-truths” on their own feed…

The truth according to Trump

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The launch of TRUTH is scheduled for early 2022, with a beta announced next November. Headed by the Trump Media and Technology Group, this social network aims to “give everyone a voice” and “fight against Big Tech”In a context where“the Taliban are very present on Twitter“, As Donald Trump himself describes.

His son, Donald Trump Junior, lamented the hunt for “conservative voices”On Twitter – in direct reference to the deletion of Donald Trump’s account last January. TRUTH’s sole purpose is to offer a platform of expression for the Trump family and the neo-conservative sphere surrounding them, a special MAGA social network in short.


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