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The Apple Watch will allow you to play Jedi with your lamps

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  • Apple has just filed a patent that allows you to interact with connected objects by moving your wrist equipped with an Apple Watch
  • This fun feature could also be particularly useful
  • The apple brand is not the only company to work on these innovations to interact with connected objects

Apple has just filed a relatively intriguing patent in the United States. This deposit numbered 20230076716 A1 aims to allow any user equipped with an Apple Watch to operate a connected object remotely. The example cited concerns lamps with the idea of ​​playing with luminosity.

But the patent sets out many other applications, including turning on a fan or air conditioning. Other size precision provided to us by PatentlyApplethis patent could concern the Apple TV, the Homepod, as well as other indoor devices, as long as they are connected.

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How does it work? Concretely, the Apple Watch allows gesture selection in particular thanks to a broadband sensor, or Bluetooth, or an image sensor, of another connected device. The selected objects must first have been saved on the Apple Watch, so as to facilitate this choice.

A childhood dream realized by Apple

Funny, this invention is not ready to be launched because you should know that the apple brand files many patents each year and that many of them never enter a marketing phase.

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However, we can dream of a future where it will be possible to handle everyday objects only by making small characteristic gestures that clearly make us think of those of a Jedi master in Star Wars.

It is interesting to note that other companies are very interested in these functionalities allowing remote interaction with connected objects. To cite just one recent example, we were telling you about this Harry Potter wand recently launched by Warner Bros which owns the rights to the franchise.

It allows, via choreographed spells, to operate devices such as televisions, speakers, or even to turn on the light in a dwelling. This wand is also the subject of a legal confrontation between Warner Bros and the Kano company. If you are interested in the subject, you can always read our article here.

For your part, would you be interested in this innovation which allows you to control connected objects remotely by simple movements of the wrist? Or do you find this idea more of a gimmick? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Presse-Citron

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