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Facebook, new monetization opportunities for groups

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Conflict in Tigray, protest flash mob in Washington (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 05 NOV – During the annual Communities Summit event, Facebook announced a series of new features aimed at groups. The will is to give managers the possibility of monetizing their work, both by offering goods and services and by subscribing to exclusive content subscription plans.

There are three main innovations. The first concerns the so-called ‘Community Shops’, an extension of Facebook’s existing features, for individuals, which allow administrators to sell themed merchandise or other products. Then the fundraisers, which make it possible to finance specific projects or, as Facebook explains, “offset the management costs of the group”.

Finally, the paid subgroups. These are smaller circles within a group, for which members pay a monthly fee for their participation. If today Facebook already integrates the opportunity to create free subgroups, the paid version was created to restore the feeling of a ‘premium’ experience, with access to exclusive content, such as coaching or discussion sessions on vertical themes. In addition to these additions, Facebook has announced additional customization options, with which managers can change the background color, font style and other aspects of the group. Then the ‘community chats’, to facilitate contact between administrators and moderators and a new “in the foreground” section, to highlight posts, links and multimedia contents. The changes are global but will be released gradually in the various markets.


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Source From: Ansa

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