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    Google violated antitrust laws according to state complaint

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    On raison of these many unpleasant practices, the big American company Google is often the victim ofaccusations and of complaints. Recently, a group of US states led by the Texas filed a new antitrust complaint versus Google. According to this, the company is accused to use coercive tactics and violate the lois antitrust to increase his advertising activity.

    Google brought to court

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    This new complaint is added to old unresolved. In fact, the subsidiary ofAlphabet is already the subject of many legal proceedings. Among them, one comes from Ministry of Justice and accuses the tech giant of using monopoly practices on the market.

    Looking forward to a better clarification of the case, none of the two parties concerned did not respond to requests for comments on legal procedure.

    Would the subsidiary of Alphabet try to eliminate the competition?

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    For many parties, the company would be in the process of seek to take the monopoly from digital advertising, if it is not already the case. Moreover, the complaint filed with a federal court in New York clearly states. Google is accused of using coercive tactics and monopolistic with the advertisers. According to the prosecution, the company wants dominate and eliminate competition in the field of online advertising.

    On beginning of the week, the company has already lost in appeal one antitrust ruling of the’European Union. This loss earned him a fine from $ 2.8 billion. All of these allegations put it companies in uncertain position, who will be soon submitted Has regulatory reviews.

    The integrity of the American firm called into question

    The Texas Attorney General’s Office Complaint don’t stop that to antitrust practices from Google. She also puts theaccent on a secret program nicknamed « Bernanke Project » used by the giant in 2013. This programme was in charge of to bribe the auction results and to give the advantage to the company’s own ad purchases.

    In this same momentum,other serious charges weigh on the company. Surveys have shown thatin 2015, Google would have deleted the two best offers of the market. The tech giant would then have accumulated money for the reverser in the campaigns from advertisers who were using to advertising platform, that is to say Google Ads. Some states go so far as to say that without this deception, the firm would have lost auctions.


    Source From: Fredzone

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