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> ANSA-BOX / Weak passwords, 123456 and Juventus the most used

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Messina, the arrival of the Geo Barents ship with 186 migrants on board (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, NOV 19 – It takes less than a second to decrypt one of the 200 most popular passwords in the world in 2021 and identified by a recent NordPass research. The company that develops security software has listed, as every year, the alphanumeric keys that web users most frequently use to authenticate to apps and services, including financial and public administration ones. In Italy, the most used are still simple sequences composed of numbers, such as “123456”, even if terms involving soccer teams, “juventus” and “napoli”, and proper names, “andrea”, are growing in popularity. “francesco” and “antonio”. “The list is not surprising indeed it confirms a trend that has been observed for years” explains Alessio Pennasilico, senior Advisor of the Cybersecurity & Data Protection Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano.

“The analysis is the further demonstration of the low level of knowledge that people have of the dangers deriving from the use of simple and perhaps repeated passwords for the various services to which they are registered”. On a global level, Italy ranks in the upper part of the ranking of countries where the possibility of cyber violation is highest, according to a risk index created by NordPass. With an average of over 4 keys per capita stolen and disseminated on the internet, only the Czech Republic are worse than us, in Europe, where the average is 6.2 passwords hacked per person, France and Germany, respectively with an index of 6 and 5.8 keys stolen from the user. “Yet, the means to improve the scenario exist and are offered free of charge” continues Pennasilico. “Among these, two-factor authentication, with which you receive a text message with an additional code to be entered in the app, or biometric security, a decidedly advanced form of defense, which uses fingerprints and the recognition of the face of the real owner of the smartphone for access to portals and services “. (HANDLE).

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