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    A sick child at school was replaced by a robot: he sits in the classroom instead of him

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    Seven-year-old Joshua Martinangeli is too sick to go to school, so his robot avatar is in the classroom for him.

    Joshua responds in class with an avatar posted in class / Photo: REUTERS

    The German student still interacts with his teacher and classmates through a classroom robot that sends out a flashing signal when Joshua has something to say.

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    Children chatting with a classmate with the help of an avatar, chatting and laughing together, sometimes during the lesson, Ute Vinterberg, headmaster of the Pusteblume-Grundschule, says to gadgets.

    Classmates can chat with Joshua through a small robot with a photo of the boy next to it, photo by Reuters

    As explained by the boy’s mother, Simone Martinangeli, Joshua cannot attend classes because he wears a pipe around his neck due to serious illness lungs.

    The schoolboy signals through the robot that he wants to answer the lesson, photo Reuters

    The boy’s classmates say they like it interact with the avatarbut they would also be happy if Joshua could go back to school himself.

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    Their district in Berlin bought four avatars for their schools due to COVID-19, but the district council believes that this can become a mass practice over time for the entire city and country.

    Kids love the robot but miss their classmate, Reuters photo

    Recall that earlier we wrote that the courier robot was equipped with a pillow in order to safely knock people down.


    Source From: Segodnya

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