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    Von der Leyen, we will reduce Russian gas dependence by 66% in 2022

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    (ANSA) – BRUSSELS, MARCH 11 – “A two-thirds reduction in European dependence on Russian gas within a year is feasible”. This was stated by the president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen. “This is not a ban, it is a reduction that goes towards the diversification of supplies”.

    “In the last few weeks we have worked hard in this direction, we have called all our friends around the world we have many saying that we need more supplies with LNG, there have been massive investments”, “this will allow us to replace a good part of Russian gas “. “We have never had so many LNG supplies in the European Union as in January, because we asked other suppliers in the world and then of course all this must be accompanied by huge investments in renewable energy” “This requires everyone’s support .

    Everyone can do something by simply reducing general energy consumption, even the individual contribution is important given the number of millions of European citizens “, said von der Leyen. (ANSA).

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    Source: Ansa

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