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    In Spain, the phones of the heads of the Ministry of Defense and the government were hacked and tapped

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    During hacker attacks, attackers seized data from mobile phones


    In Spain, the mobile phones of the heads of the Ministry of Defense and the government were tapped. Photo: collage “Today”

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    Mobile phones of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles bugged.

    This was announced by the head of the government apparatus Felix Bolanos, reports Telegram channel “Ukraine 24”.

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    During the hacker attacks, the attackers seized 2.6 gigabytes of data from the prime minister’s phone and 9 megabytes from the defense minister’s phone.

    Bolanos called the hacking attacks “external” and “illegal”.

    It is worth noting that Spain is helping Ukraine with weapons. Recently, the Spanish warship Isabel arrived in the Polish port of Gdynia, delivering about 200 tons of military aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    In addition to weapons, the supply includes 30 trucks and 10 light SUVs.

    In early March, Spain also sent military supplies to Ukraine – medicines, grenade launchers, machine guns and ammunition.

    In general, Spain sent 11 military flights to Ukraine with a total cargo of about 170 tons. The parcels contained personal protective equipment, S-90 grenade launchers, machine guns, radiation, chemical and biological protection suits, ammunition and an armored ambulance.

    Are you listening? Why is my own voice heard during a call?

    Often during a telephone conversation in the speaker, you can hear not only the voice of the interlocutor, but also your own. Such an echo is alarming, and many people suspect that the phone is being tapped.

    According to GSMinfo, you should not worry, because the cause of such an echo may be problems with the gadget, failures with your operator, or even your interlocutor.

    Real listening gives no echo

    Echoes may occur due to normal technical problems. For example, your phone may have a damaged speaker or microphone. Some gadgets have microphones that transmit sound with reduced ambient noise. Therefore, the echo can also be given by the incorrect operation of the noise reduction. Another reason is moisture. It can get into the body of the phone and interfere with the operation of the phone.

    Network congestion

    When the network is congested or you are in an area where the signal is poor, extra sounds may also appear in the speaker.

    Setting up your contact’s phone

    Often the problem can occur because the person you are talking to is talking through the speakerphone. The explanation is simple: the sound of your voice, which is released by the speaker of your interlocutor’s phone, again enters the microphone, and you hear everything that you just said. The same thing happens when a person turns on Bluetooth and broadcasts a conversation in a car.

    What to do?

    The echo in the phone remains, but there is no listening. How to remove unwanted sounds? If you have a breakdown in the phone, or there is damage to it, you need to contact specialists. Let the specialist diagnose the phone and repair it if necessary.

    If the problem is on the operator’s side, call from another SIM card. Another option, if you have a good Internet connection, is to use instant messengers.

    In the case when the echo occurs due to the settings of the second participant in the conversation, you should simply ask the person to turn off the speakerphone or Bluetooth.


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