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    The OnlyFans star started having sex with Meta employees after his IG was shut down to get him back

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    The OnlyFans star claims she had sex with several Meta employees to revive her Instagram, revealing a shady “review” process for accounts that have been closed.


    The creator of the OnlyFans podcast, known as Kitty Trash, explains that her Instagram account, which is full of images of lingerie and bikinis but no full nudity, was “deleted three or four times” for “sexual intercourse” because she shared her link. OnlyFans.

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    Then he started “sleeping” with a friend who was working on Instagram. “And he (activated his account), which was really good for him,” Lexus told No Jumper. podcast.

    His friend, who he didn’t name, gave him a breakdown of the review process, which included an Instagram integrity team monitoring banned accounts.

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    He joked that the only way to lift the ban on Instagram is to find an employee who “likes you a lot.”

    “He basically told me that the Department of Integrity [oversees] Comments,” he said on the podcast. To come back, if they deny it for the first time, basically what a person has to do is try to continue with the assessments.

    ‘Each time [employees] “Put another review, it goes to someone else, so as long as someone continues their experiment in this department, they will eventually get their report back,” Trash said.

    He told DailyMail.com on Thursday that he “has not contacted anyone in the department in good faith or the person who made the decision in my case.”

    “I contacted several people in different departments who opened several review cases for me, leading to the eventual closure of my account,” he told DailyMail.com on Thursday. He said he used “nepotism” to get his account back and didn’t think the company knew about it.

    ‘[I] “I got in touch with people I knew I needed to get in touch with,” she told DailyMail.com. “I think people use each other constantly in everyday life. I mainly contacted the IG team and used nepotism to my advantage.’

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    Content creator known as Kitty Trash on Instagram and OnlyFans on the No Jumper podcast revealed that the only way to lift the Instagram ban is to find an employee who “really likes you”.

    He also revealed that he slept with Meta's people, but assures that

    She also revealed that Meta slept with the team, but stated that “no deals were made with anyone like, ‘Hey, you wrote me a review. And I’ll sleep with you”

    Lexus admitted that the process wasn’t easy, as she had to go through her boyfriend’s Instagram page and have all of Meta’s employees on her LinkedIn page to find out who was who in the integrity department.

    “I went on LinkedIn and found all the Instagram links, then I found them in the health section and wrote to them on LinkedIn to get my account back, but obviously they get a lot of emails a day.” she said.

    After LinkedIn messages failed to restore his account, Lexus took the next step on Instagram, directing messages from his “backup but still defenseless account” to the Meta team for a “meeting.”

    I managed to find some, not from the department, but at least from the people who worked at Instagram in Los Angeles. So I found a couple that I needed to meet… and we met and I went through a couple of them and managed to get the account back a couple of times or three times,” he revealed.

    On the No Jumper podcast (pictured), he identified his friend who works at Instagram and admitted to falling asleep to get his account back, telling staff that the Department of Integrity, which oversees banned accounts, carried out internal reviews.

    On the No Jumper podcast (pictured), he identified his friend who works at Instagram and admitted to falling asleep to get his account back, telling staff that the Department of Integrity, which oversees banned accounts, carried out internal reviews.

    He also revealed that one of his connections told him that Instagram has an algorithm that automatically closes flagged accounts. daily point In an Instagram post. After that, the report will be sent to the employee for review.

    “If that person doesn’t like your face, or doesn’t care, or is too lazy to discuss your case, they’ll just shut down and defend their decision,” he told the Daily Dot.

    Lexus also revealed that her account was first marked as a “sexual solicitation”, which she believes is due to her OnlyFans account being available on her Linktree, a link that takes the user to a list of other links. would you like. to access Be for your followers. .

    He said his friend “brought in an internal review” because “there was no movement on the page”.

    James [OnlyFans] “There’s a link in my bio to Linktree, which is what most girls do,” she told the Daily Dot.

    His first hearing was rejected, prompting his friend to file a new lawsuit. He said he gave up his account, but it’s unclear whether he voluntarily restored access if Instagram restored the account internally.

    “There doesn’t seem to be much uniformity in internal decision-making,” he told the Daily Dot.

    The presenter of the Girls Gone Wireless podcast says that she didn’t believe that she “deserved to delete my account in the first place” and cited users like Chanel Uzi, who “le gusta”, as an image of “complete catch” and could only put the lino in the picture. . ‘

    After tracking his friend's Instagram links on LinkedIn, he said that

    After tracking down his friend’s Instagram links on LinkedIn, he said he “met” with several Meta employees and took some of them and managed to get my account back two or three times. He also learned that Instagram uses an algorithm to ban flagged accounts before they are sent to an actual Department of Integrity employee.

    He also found that his account was marked as

    She also discovered that her account was flagged as “sexually explicit” in violation of the meta’s terms of use, which she believes is because her OnlyFans page was linked to her bio on Linktree. He later found out that her account had also been hacked.

    However, Instagram’s terms of use, updated in December 2020, state that users “may not offer or solicit pornographic material (including, but not limited to, sharing links to external music sites.”

    We want Instagram to be a safe environment for everyone and have strict rules against nudity, sexual activity and sexual solicitation. “Under these rules, we do not give people the right to share links to pornographic sites on Instagram,” a Meta spokesperson told AFP. processing plant 29 In 2021.

    “While OnlyFans is not a pornographic site, we know it can be used in this way, which is why we operate accounts that share OnlyFans links with other sexually explicit content.

    DailyMail.com has contacted Garbage for comment.

    While he said he was sleeping with his friend to argue, he said, “I’m not afraid to agree with anyone, like, ‘Look, you wrote me a review. And I’ll sleep with you.”

    However, he said he would “100% do it again” to protect his main account, which has 190,000 followers.

    I deserve to be heard [because] “I have a huge contribution to make to your platform,” he told the Daily Dot.


    Source: Daily Mail

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