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Ukraine: Graziano, long range weapons are not a ‘whim’

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(ANSA) – VENICE, 03 JUN – “The Western supply of weapons to Ukraine is not the ‘whim’ of a leader. Long-range weapons, as well as all weapons supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces, serve ‘Ukraine to defend their country and not to succumb to Putin’s plan “. The gen. Claudio Graziano, former Defense Chief of Staff, and until a few days ago president of the EU military committee, speaking on Sky Tg 24, at ‘Live In’ from Venice.

Regarding the possibility that the sending of weapons could aggravate the situation of the conflict, Graziano replied: “the situation is not aggravated by long-range weapons but by the persistence of Russian forces on Ukrainian territory”.

On the West’s request for new armaments, the senior official observed that “it is a sacred duty of a people to defend the land of their fathers when it is unjustly attacked.

If the Ukrainian forces fail to repel the invader – he underlined – then the real risk is that of a decline, even physiological, if you like, in the intensity of the operations which could however last for years, digging a deep trench in relations. between the great powers, definitively generating a conflict of friction “.” The supply of weapons – concluded Graziano – is intended to enable Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion, and to avoid capitulation, an unconditional surrender , but we can go to a negotiating table starting from an equitable position “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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