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North Korea: outbreak of infectious diseases, Kim sends medicine

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(ANSA) – BEIJING, June 16 – North Korea has reported the outbreak of an unidentified intestinal epidemic, which could increase tensions on the country’s health system struggling with a serious wave of Covid-19. Leader Kim Jong-un yesterday sent medicines prepared by his family to the Workers’ Party Committee of the western port city of Haeju to help patients suffering from “acute enteric epidemic”, KCNA reported, specify the number of people affected. from the gastrointestinal virus.

“Kim stressed the need to contain the disease as soon as possible by adopting well-articulated measures to quarantine suspected cases in order to completely block their spread, confirming cases through epidemiological examinations and scientific tests,” added the agency’s dispatch. official.

The reported outbreak comes as the North is facing its first outbreak of Covid-19 infections, made official in May after more than two years of pandemic, amid concerns over a lack of vaccines and medical supplies.

Pyongyang today announced that another 26,010 people have been ascertained with “feverish symptoms”, bringing the total to 4.56 million with 73 deaths.

The North said the wave of the new coronavirus showed signs of abating, but the World Health Organization replied that it believes the situation is getting worse. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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