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    Insanity of the 21st century: the media found out what tests Putin’s entourage does before meeting with him

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    Putin’s entourage must undergo a full check before meeting with the leader / Photo: Contributor / Getty Images, collage: “Today”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is probably terrified of catching some new disease, other than those about which wrote before. People who come into contact with the Russian leader sit in isolation, and also pass all kinds of tests.

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    This is reported by the Russian service of the BBC.


    “Neither the invasion of Ukraine, nor four vaccinations against coronavirus, nor the weakening of the pandemic have lifted the quarantine for those who are in contact with Vladimir Putin. Pilots and doctors are regularly in isolation. To gain access to the ‘clean zone’, hundreds of people pass PCR tests four times and double check antibodies to coronavirus. They also take additional tests – for influenza, staphylococcus aureus and worms,” ​​the report says.

    According to the BBC, before May 9, about 400 people, including veterans, were quarantined in Moscow for two weeks in order to shake hands or simply get closer to Putin, the newspaper writes. The quarantine took place in two hotels in the center of Moscow – the five-star Golden Ring and the four-star President Hotel.

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    A year ago, an unprecedented quarantine was already reported for everyone who served Putin or had close contact with him. Now the Russian leader “began to move from residence to residence more often, and all service personnel and all those in contact with him continue to be in quarantine, but now in different parts of Russia.”

    According to open data, the Kremlin structures spent about 1.5 billion rubles on this, and observators received at least 1.7 billion more in the form of subsidies.

    The publication writes that people around Putin are not just quarantined, but also undergo various tests. These laboratory studies “for sanitary and epidemiological” purposes are purchased by the Presidential Administration.

    According to the rules that appeared in 2021, in order to get into quarantine, you need to pass a blood test for antibodies to coronavirus two days in advance. While in quarantine, you will have to take PCR four times within 12 days, and on the twelfth day again blood for antibodies. If a person did not have IGM antibodies, indicating that he was sick, then after 14 days of isolation he received admission to the “clean zone”, that is, to Putin.

    Subsequently, a condition was added to the contract that, at the request of the Presidential Administration, biomaterial and other analyzes can be taken from quarantined people. This happened after the vaccination of the President of the Russian Federation.

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Presidential Administration and its structures have ordered the Kremlin polyclinics in Moscow to analyze employees and other persons, including under “quarantine” contracts, in the amount of about 200 million rubles.

    At the request of the USP, about 1,500 people have been tested since 2021. Some were swabbed not only for coronavirus, but also for SARS, influenza and staphylococcus and blood for biomarkers. They also donated feces for helminth eggs.

    The fact that officials close to the president should take feces was reported in February 2022, citing anonymous sources, by the Baza Telegram channel, which claimed that officials had to take these tests several times a week.

    The summer detachment “Russia” USP, whose crews fly with Putin, spent the most on tests – 125 million rubles. Since June 2021, pilots and flight attendants began to take not only PCR, but also all types of tests for COVID-19. Every month they passed up to 2 thousand urgent PCR tests and up to 600 antibody tests. As well as fifty blood tests for biomarkers and 100-200 stool tests to detect coronavirus.

    The same scheme works now, the newspaper notes. In May 2022 alone, the flight squad passed 1,376 smears and 98 fecal samples for coronavirus, as well as 447 blood tests for antibodies and 32 for biomarkers. At the same time, they continue to be quarantined in Moscow Region and other sanatoriums.

    The Telegram channel Baza wrote that many Kremlin employees are forced to spend almost the entire year in quarantine, and some employees of the Presidential Administration and the Federal Security Service “served” in single rooms for more than 150 days in 2021 – because of which the staff began to have problems in families.

    The BBC writes that the contracts for the quarantine residence of such persons are usually classified. But public procurement shows a picture similar to the pilots.

    Quarantine for them in a dozen Kremlin sanatoriums near the presidential residences in the Moscow region, Sochi and Valdai has already cost more than 1.2 billion rubles since the start of the pandemic in 2020, and the amount of all contracts is approaching 2 billion. Some of these sanatoriums have been completely converted in observatories and closed to vacationers.

    Also, based on public procurement data, the publication found out that the Russian leader, long before the pandemic, was accompanied to all forums by teams of doctors, including infectious disease specialists and specialists of various profiles.

    Will Putin die from a serious illness?

    Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov thinksthat numerous rumors in the media about the fatal illness of Russian President Vladimir Putin do not have sufficient confirmation

    “Firstly, no one has a real idea about Putin’s illness. Making diagnoses based on a tiny picture on the Internet, on plasticity, on facial expressions, on facial expressions and angular cheeks is speculation, it is absolutely unreliable. I still suggest not relying on it’s not to think that diseases and some kind of justice will do this important work for people,” the journalist said.

    Nevzorov believes that it is necessary “to keep in mind the worst case scenario that he will not die in the near future, at least for natural reasons.”

    Former site “Today” informedthat the former FSB officer leaked information about Putin’s illness and how much he had left. Also we wrotethat Putin is weakened by several diseases at once.

    Source: Segodnya

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