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    More than ten million vaccines against Covid-19 are about to expire in Peru

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    The country has the highest mortality rate from the disease in the world and may suffer a loss of R$ 1.22 billion with the loss of immunizations

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    Country is one of the hardest hit in South America

    More than 10.8 million vaccines against covid-19 run the risk of expiring in the coming months in the Peru, after an increase in the amount of doses accumulated in warehouses and an apparent slowdown in their distribution, as warned on Tuesday, 16, by the Comptroller General of the Republic. Until June 30, there were 11.2 million vaccines in the National Center for Supply of Strategic Health Resources (Cenares) of the Ministry of Health, of which 96.5% have an expiration date that “can cause economic damage to the State”. ”, said the Comptroller. The more than 11.2 million doses are valued at 921.5 million soles (about BRL 1.22 billion). According to an official report, a total of 1,475,000 pediatric doses of pfizer expire in September, another 3,311,000 vaccines for adults from the same pharmaceutical company expire in October, while 2,597,000 vaccines from Modern expire in November and another batch of 3,506,000 doses expires in early December. In the first semester, the availability of vaccines was above the distribution rate, considering that the average storage was 5.8 million doses and the distribution of 4.9 million vaccines.

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    However, in the last month of June there was an increase of 89.9% of the vaccines available, which also raised the total cost of storage by 99%, to more than 921.5 million soles (about R$ 1.22 billion). The Comptroller’s Office also reported a slowdown in the application of vaccines to children between the ages of 5 and 11 and those over 12 years old, according to the Ministry of Health’s National Repository of Health Information (Reunis). So far, Peru has immunized 20 million inhabitants with the third dose, representing 70% of the population, and has applied a total of 81 million doses to fight the pandemic. As the country with the highest mortality rate from Covid-19 in the world, about four million inhabitants have been infected by the virus and 215,028 people have died in the last two years.

    *With information from EFE

    Source: Jovempan

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