China opposed the transfer of nuclear weapons by Russia to third countries: Belarus sided with the Russian Federation

China opposed transfers by the aggressor country Russia nuclear weapons to other countries and placing it outside your country. In its turn, in Belarus supported the position of the Russian Federation.

This became known during a meeting of the UN Security Council. China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Geng Shuang stressed that nuclear war is unacceptable (to view the video, click to the bottom of the page).

“We are in favor of a ban on the transfer of nuclear weapons, so that no nuclear countries transfer their nuclear weapons abroad and do not place them outside their country,” Shuang said.

He recalled how Last year, five leaders of the nuclear nations declared that a nuclear war could not be won and should not be started at all.

“Today, this statement is even more important. China calls on all nuclear-weapon countries to stick to their obligations, reduce the risk of nuclear war, and avoid any conflict between nuclear-weapon states,” Shuang added.

China opposed the transfer of nuclear weapons by Russia to third countries: Belarus sided with the Russian Federation

In the same time in Belarus openly opposed the position of Beijing and declared to the world did not interfere in her affairs with Russia.

“Belarus is a supporter of the processes of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and has become the first state in the post-Soviet space that has renounced nuclear weapons,” Minsk representative Valentin Rybakov said.

However, he emphasized that control over nuclear weapons and technology remains with the Russian side and accused NATO of the fact that the Alliance “has long had the practice of joint nuclear missions.”

China opposed the transfer of nuclear weapons by Russia to third countries: Belarus sided with the Russian Federation

“Do not interfere in our internal affairs, deal with real human rights issues and do not try to reflect on the desire of the Belarusian people, you have no idea about it,” Rybakov published.

Moreover, Belarus put forward demands to Ukraine and the USA.

“We call on Ukraine to demand from NATO to stop the practice of joint nuclear missions, and from the United States to withdraw its nuclear weapons from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey – Belarus at the UN Security Council,” the representative of Minsk said without hiding the cynicism in his words.

It should be reminded that dictator Vladimir Putin said that Russia would finish the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus on July 1. According to him, the reason for this step was British statement on the supply of ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine.

In fact, depleted uranium has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, and the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander. Lukashenka let slip in August 2022 that the Belarusian army is preparing to use Russian nuclear weapons.

Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War believe that Putin’s threats are irrelevant to the risk of a nuclear war. This the risk is still very low. According to experts, the dictator is trying to use the West’s fears of a nuclear escalation.

At the same time, the Office of the President of Ukraine noted that the statement of the head of the Kremlin on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is nothing but a confession in one’s own fear. The Kremlin leader understands that he is losing, so the only thing left for him is to scare with tactics.

The White House said there were no signs that Putin was ready to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said that The United States does not record signs that the Russian Federation is preparing tactical nuclear weapons in a neighboring country.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported, China commented on Russia’s plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. They called for “diplomatic efforts.”

Source: Obozrevatel

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