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Borrell in Ukraine, EU full support for Kiev

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“We are here first of all to reaffirm the EU’s full support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and also to work together to ease the tensions of the conflict.” Thus the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, on the sidelines of his visit to eastern Ukraine, on the line of contact with pro-Russian separatists, underlining that “Ukraine is part of Europe”. “Our main aim is to try to ease tensions through negotiations” and by expressing “a strong and firm stance of support for Ukraine. Both things must go hand in hand,” he added. Borrell then declared that “there is no security in Europe without security in Ukraine and it is clear that any discussion on European security must include the EU and Ukraine”.
“The geopolitical landscape is changing very rapidly and the conflict on the border with Ukraine is about to deepen,” added Borrell. “In the coming days, the Foreign Council and EU Defense Ministers are waiting for us and talks between Russia, the United States and NATO are about to begin. So this is a critical moment, the right time to come”, underlined the head of the EU diplomacy.
As the European Union, “we are coordinating with the United States, NATO and like-minded countries to work on de-escalation and full implementation of the Minsk Agreement”, added Borrell, reiterating that by the The EU has “a strong commitment that any military aggression against Ukraine will have enormous consequences and serious costs”.

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