Motorcycles: Ancma, + 20.9% of registrations in February

February was a positive month to say the least for the two-wheeler market, which saw a 20.9% increase in registrations compared to the same month in 2022.

Market volumes in the second month of the year reached a total of 23,676 units. The driving forces are scooters with 11,309 equal vehicles registered (+44.62%); motorcycles grew by 7.03% and registered 11,266 vehicles. Only mopeds (-10.05% with 1,101 units) and electric vehicles are negative, with the latter registering -3.2%.

The growth of the market therefore remains robust in the first two months of 2023 with 44,994 vehicles sold and a growth of 28.39%. Also in the annual cumulative scooters are driving the market, thanks to 22,030 registered vehicles and a growth of 58.91%; motorcycles followed, reaching 20,751 units equal to an increase of 13.55%; two consecutive months with the minus sign stop mopeds at 2,213 vehicles sold and a drop of 23.90%.

“Overcoming many of the residual supply problems” underlined the president of Ancma Paolo Magri in a statement allows “the market to better express its potential, once again confirming the central role of our products as a sustainable and usable choice for individual travel and for uses more related to passion, tourism and sport”.

“For this – he added – we believe that the political agenda of local administrations must take into account, in the debate on the sustainability of transport and the future of cities, the decisive contribution that motorcycles continue to offer to the solution of mobility problems”.

Source: Ansa

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