They clone her car license plate and pile up fines

A 75-year-old from Fabriano (Ancona) was notified of 4 fines for violations of the highway code that occurred on the roads of southern Italy, for a total amount of several thousand euros. However, the woman had actually never been on holiday in the southern regions in the last 40 years. She contacted the police who discovered that the victim’s license plate had been cloned. Nor is it the first case ascertained by the agents of the Fabriano Public Safety Commissioner. It is, in fact, the third in the last 12 months for which photographic surveys have been made in southern and northern Italy. The police officers, starting from the dates of the non-payment notices made out to and notified to the woman by road operators, electronically viewed the images of the vehicular passages, ascertaining that the license plate referred to in the violations was actually the one in the woman’s name, but affixed to a vehicle of completely different class and size, in this case a BMW station wagon. In the presence of an evident case of license plate cloning and consequent illegal use, the officers acquired the complaint of the woman who, thus reassured, was able to ask the road managers to file the debt position open towards her.

Source: Ansa

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