Payments to migrants, currency transfers and the sale of the dollar are the main economic news of the week

We briefly talk about the important news of the outgoing week that you might have missed.

Recall the main economic news of the week / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

The program of assistance to migrants has been expanded, and you can get money on a card in PrivatBank. At the same time, Ukrainians will be able to buy dollars, as well as transfer foreign currency to the banks of the global Ria Money Transfer system.

The editors of “Today” recalls the main news from April 18 to 22 and offers to check if you missed important messages.

Monday. In Ukraine allowed to sell the dollar

The NBU allowed Ukrainian financial institutions to sell cash dollars. The rate may deviate by no more than 10% from the official rate. According to calculations, the sale should not exceed UAH 32.18 per dollar. Basically, banks comply with these requirements, which cannot be said about exchangers.

Tuesday. PrivatBank has simplified the sending of currency to the accounts of other banks

PrivatBank has launched a special service that allows transfers to cards and accounts of banks that are partners of the Ria Money Transfer global money transfer system.

“Now Ria customers can send transfers both to PrivatBank cards in euro (EUR), US dollars (USD) or Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), and to cards of other Ukrainian banks in hryvnia (UAH) directly to an account or card – without a visit to the bank or using remote self-service channels”, – noted in the press service of the bank.

Wednesday. Payments for IDPs can be received on PrivatBank’s “YePidtrimka” card

Internally displaced persons who are clients of PrivatBank will also be able to receive financial assistance from the state on the “Yepidtrimka” card. You can order the service in a few clicks in the “Diya” application – both for yourself and for children.

The received payment can be spent on any services or withdrawn in cash. Without problems, money can be transferred to another card. The monthly allowance is UAH 2,000 per person, for children and persons with disabilities – UAH 3,000.

Thursday. Assistance program for migrants expanded

In Ukraine, the program of assistance to migrants has been expanded, so that from May money will be credited to some more categories of citizens. This is about:

  • people who, due to the war, left the territorial communities located in the area of ​​military (combat) operations or who are in temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade);
  • internally displaced Ukrainians whose housing was completely destroyed or damaged made it uninhabitable;
  • those who made an application for compensation for the relevant losses, including through the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services.

Friday. Ukrainians will receive money to restore housing

Germany plans to allocate almost 37 million euros (1.1 billion hryvnia) for the reconstruction of post-war Ukraine. The money will be spent on the reconstruction of the country’s energy system (22.5 million euros), the repair of housing damaged by Russian troops, as well as the purchase of medical equipment (14.4 million euros).

“The ministry reallocated funds for this through the emergency aid program”– said the Minister of Development of Germany, Svenju Schulze.

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Source: Segodnya

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