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    You can’t do without these documents: what Ukrainians need to work in the EU

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    We tell you what permits and documents Ukrainians need for employment in European countries

    In some countries, special documents are not required, and in some there are conditions / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

    Ukrainians who have gone abroad are now trying to look for work there. There are also vacancies where experience or knowledge of the language is not required. Usually people do not have special requirements, and they are ready to work in different positions.

    What is needed for this? The features of registration in different countries and obtaining a work permit were discussed in OLX.

    Work in Poland

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    Most Ukrainians left for this country. Statistics show that from the end of February to the beginning of May, OLX posted 572 vacancies in Poland. And the average wage is almost PLN 4,900 (UAH 32,135).

    When a person enters Poland, they are registered at the Polish border or already upon arrival at the local administrations. To get a job, you do not need to draw up additional documents.

    Work in Germany

    About 300 thousand Ukrainians left for this country. At the beginning of May there are 329 current vacancies, and on average per job offer 1,640 euros (50,371 UAH).

    In general, a short stay visa is required to stay in the country. However, immigrants can live in Germany without it, having received a residence permit within 90 days after arrival. To do this, you must submit an application to a foreign mission.

    This allows you to live in the country for a year with the possibility of extending the period of stay for another 2 years, and also entitles you to the assistance of the Employment Agency.


    In this country the situation is different. Compared to other countries, significantly fewer Ukrainians went there, since the admission procedure is rather complicated. Although there are currently 269 current vacancies in Israel, and the average salary level is quite attractive – 85 thousand UAH

    However, you need a work visa to work.

    There are features in the UK

    In this country, the average salary is 75 thousand UAH, and there are about 120 vacancies for Ukrainians on OLX. However, you can get to this country if you have a visa and relatives inside the country.

    At the same time, without a visa and with the opportunity to work, you can come to the UK, if the migrant finds a sponsor who is a resident of the country, and gives the Ukrainian free of charge housing for 6 months.

    Work in the Czech Republic

    This country is one of the top 5 most popular countries for OLX Job searchers. Now there are about 150 current vacancies for Ukrainians. On average they are offered 40 thousand UAH.

    Since March 21, migrants from Ukraine can work in the Czech Republic without obtaining a permit. However, Ukrainians holding a Schengen, seasonal or special work visa that expires in less than 14 days can apply for a special long-term visa.

    What salaries are offered to Ukrainians in non-European countries

    Earlier we said that high salaries for Ukrainians are offered in Australia, Norway, the USA, Sweden and Israel. However, these countries are not popular among our citizens, although they offer attractive amounts.

    There are several reasons for this:

    • these countries are far from ours;
    • the number of vacancies is less than in the EU;
    • complex procedure for the admission of foreigners.

    “Today” painted where the Ukrainians are paid the most.

    We also talked about the crisis in the Ukrainian labor market, which is now the biggest in the last 10 years. In April, there were twenty times fewer vacancies in Ukraine than before martial law, but the current average salary lower by 10%. We explained where they are now looking for people, with what conditions, and what are the average salaries now in different areas.

    Source: Segodnya

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