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Fuel shortage in full swing: Ukrainians suffer from new schemes at gas stations

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More and more Ukrainians complain about unscrupulous gas station workers and fuel fraud

Drivers should be prepared for any eventuality. / Photo: Getty Images, Unsplash, Collage: Today

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While the situation with the availability of gasoline and diesel at gas stations is unstable, some networks of gas stations have decided to earn extra money on this.

Drivers often come across various schemes related to the sale of fuel, tax evasion, and overpricing. The editors of Segodnya have collected several stories from those who have suffered as a result of illegal business activities.

fuel scheme

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Volunteer Pavel Utvenko told how he “successfully” stopped by to refuel at a gas station in Kyiv. There were zeros on the stele, but in fact, diesel was sold on the network for 65 UAH/l. It turned out that only cash is accepted at the checkout, and only without change, that is, you need to buy either 10 liters for 650 UAH, or 20 liters for 1300 UAH.

“I give 650 UAH and the cashier scans one of the pack of coupons that she has on the table and knocks out a check. I see him and ask, they refuse me. pocket”– said Pavel Utvenko.

However, the conflict did not end there. When, after paying, the man returned to the car, the column wrote that 10 liters were poured into the tank, but in fact – no. His request to fill the tank with diesel or return the money was refused, so the police were called to the scene.

“People in the queue saw the light and turned around. The gas station is closed for service in my presence. Why this story. This is looting during the war. Theft. Financial black operations”– Pavel Utvenko emphasized.

The volunteer added that he was counting on the Kyiv police, but if law enforcement officers did not help, there would be an honest decision under martial law.

Pavel Utvenko spoke about the scheme at the gas station: watch the video

Scheme with checks

A driver from Odessa, Igor Matsker, spoke on social networks about a different scheme at local gas stations. One of the well-known networks of gas stations sells fuel at one price, and punches another in the check for the tax.

For example, in a particular case, the price of diesel on the receipt is 44.74 UAH/l. But the payment is cashless through the application, and already in the application, a liter of the same fuel is sold at 52.99 UAH.

Ukrainians usually buy 10-20 liters of fuel, so not 447-889 UAH, but 529-1059 UAH will be charged from one client. That is, the difference is 82-170 UAH per person.

“Someone will need a report on checks later, and it will be difficult. Who is war, and who is mother”– Odessa was indignant.

Penalties for violators

During the war in Ukraine, government agencies were forced to suspend inspections. However, given the numerous frauds, the State Food and Consumer Service and the State Environmental Inspectorate are back at work. They carry out unscheduled inspections at gas stations to fulfill the instructions of Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and at the request of Ukrainians.

According to the results of inspections in 2022, it was revealed that 73% of filling stations violated price discipline. We are talking about 87 gas stations that employees of the State Food and Consumer Service managed to visit in different regions of Ukraine.

Violators were fined UAH 2.5 million and issued 49 orders to comply with legal requirements to bring prices to those recommended by the state. 98 officials were brought to administrative responsibility, on whom more than 200 thousand UAH of fines were imposed.

Earlier, the editors of Segodnya spoke with the director of the A-95 Consulting Group, Sergey Kuyun, and asked what Ukrainians need to be wary of in the fuel market, because various fraudulent schemes have become more frequent due to the shortage. The expert also told whether gas stations can charge higher fuel prices than the state allows.

Source: Segodnya

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