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Fraudsters attack Ukrainians again: PrivatBank warned customers about a new scheme

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In Ukraine, they came up with a new scheme on how to lure money from ordinary citizens during the war

Ukrainians are again trying to lure money / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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While the country is at war and many Ukrainians need help, scammers have figured out how to cash in on the situation in a new way

PrivatBank warned customers against another scam, this time related to alleged payments of state aid.

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The attackers have created a fraudulent resource that imitates the state and offers to receive financial assistance from the government. Thus, the personal and financial data of Ukrainians are stolen.

How does the circuit work?

Scammers advertise their services on social media. Users receive a fake message about an urgent “card check” so that Ukrainians can receive financial support from the state.

This is what social media scam looks like

This is what social media scam looks like / Photo: screenshot

Fraudsters offer customers to click on a link to “verify”. After clicking on the link, a person gets to a phishing site, from where attackers steal information about bank cards.

PrivatBank’s clients were reminded that the truthful information about state payments and how to receive them is published on the official resources of departments. And upon receipt of such a message, in no case should you follow the link and enter your data.

Schemes with gasoline

Against the backdrop of a shortage of fuel in Ukraine, a thematic fraudulent scheme arose. Ukrainians are sold gasoline with a minimum margin and hide it not far from the place indicated by the buyer, sending him a geolocation.

They ask for 50 hryvnias per liter of gasoline and allegedly leave it not far from the indicated place. The seller promises to deliver the “treasure” in a few hours and tell where it lies. Of course, the money must be paid in advance, which is already an alarming bell. Another fraudulent marker – they promise to give fuel along with a canister, the cost of which is from 250 UAH.

Such a proposal looks especially suspicious, taking into account the average actual prices at gas stations – from 45 to 90 UAH per liter. In addition, there are crazy queues at gas stations and restrictions on the amount of fuel in one hand.

Previously, “Today” told what are the actual prices for gasoline, diesel and autogas in the networks of gas stations. Find out also what M-95 gasoline is, which everyone is talking about now, why it is special and where to buy it.

Source: Segodnya

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