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Ukrainians in Lithuania: how much they earn and what benefits do IDPs receive

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We tell you what temporarily displaced Ukrainians in Lithuania can expect

What are the conditions for Ukrainian immigrants in Lithuania / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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After the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, citizens of Ukraine began to travel abroad and mainly to European countries. There, various benefits were introduced for them and certain conditions of stay were established.

How do Ukrainians live in Lithuania? The Ministry of Social Policy spoke about support programs for temporarily displaced Ukrainians in this country.

Check-in on arrival

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When Ukrainians arrive in Lithuania, they You should immediately contact the Registration Center. There they will be registered and the conditions of stay in the country will be explained in detail.

Also in the center you can get temporary housing, food packages, medical care, get information about social benefits.

Registration centers are open in the following cities:

  • Vilnius;
  • Alytus;
  • Klaipeda;
  • Kaunas;
  • Siauliai.

As of the end of May, about 54,000 temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine were registered in Lithuania. Of these, more than 21 thousand children, and the rest of the adults are mostly women.

What benefits and rights do IDPs have?

Ukrainians in Lithuania receive a temporary residence permit. This document entitles you to the following things:

  • health insurance;
  • education;
  • access to the labor market;
  • social assistance on a par with citizens of the republic;
  • the right to permanent residence for a period of one year, with a possible extension of up to three years.

You can get a job immediately upon arrival in the countryif you have a biometric passport. According to the Lithuanian authorities, more than 7.6 thousand citizens of Ukraine are already working legally in Lithuania, and another 8.7 thousand are looking for work.

The average salary of Ukrainians after taxes is about 900 euros (UAH 28,315).

In many Lithuanian cities free public transport for migrants. You can also travel by train for free.

“Since some of the temporarily displaced Ukrainians are already returning home, since May Stiprus kartu has organized free buses on the route Kaunas-Lviv, Vilnius-Lviv (3-4 times a week). And from June 1, such buses will depart daily,” – noted in the department.

Ukrainians can also learn Lithuanian for free. Courses and access to materials are available from local libraries.

Conditions for children

“Ukrainian children in Lithuania are guaranteed free attendance at kindergartens and schools. Children receive free lunches at schools, can use public transport for free and attend clubs outside of school,” – reports the Ministry of Social Policy.

The International Ukrainian School has also been operating since April. And some educational institutions in Vilnius started optionally teach the Ukrainian language, literature and history.

Ukrainian students can continue their studies at Lithuanian universities for free. The amount of the scholarship for them is 300 euros (9438 UAH).

In addition, summer camps are planned for Ukrainian children.

Social assistance for Ukrainians in Poland

Earlier, we said that forced Ukrainian migrants who left for Poland because of the war and then decided to leave this country run the risk of being left without previously received social benefits and even pay interest.

Read in our material why this can happen, and what are the social benefits for Ukrainians in this country.

Segodnya also wrote about what will change for Ukrainians in Europe in the near future, and wrote what rules are being introduced for Ukrainians in Poland.

Source: Segodnya

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