Confcommercio improves estimates, 2022 GDP at + 2.5%

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ANSA Lavoro – ROME, 08 JUN – In 2022, GDP will stand at 2.5%, with an upward correction of about 0.4 percentage points compared to the previous evaluation: this is the new estimate released by Confcommercio at the General Assembly . Household spending also improves by about four tenths of a point compared to previous assessments, while inflation is estimated to grow by 6.3%. As for consumption – including foreign tourism expenditure – the + 5.4% recorded in 2021 allowed only a partial recovery of what was lost in 2020 (-11.5%) and only in 2023 is a complete return to pre-pandemic levels.

“What the pandemic did not do to services and trade, unbearable energy costs risk doing”, therefore, “at European level, the rules for forming the price of electricity must also be structurally reviewed, including by introducing a cap. to that of gas “, said the president of Confcommercio, Carlo Sangalli. The Government has acted to reduce system charges, introduce support for ‘energy users’, reduce taxes on bills and fuel. But “we believe we can do even more”, and the “impact of the supply chain” of taxes on the extra-profits of energy companies must be carefully evaluated.

Services left 930,000 jobs in the pandemic field compared to 2019, “and this threatens the resilience of the entire country”, because “the service sector, that is our companies”, is no longer able to compensate for the decline employment. Sangalli said again. Sangalli also warned that with high inflation the purchasing power and savings of Italians are reduced, with the risk of further increasing the slowdown in consumption. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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