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    Fuel is getting cheaper again: where is it profitable to buy autogas

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    We tell you where and by how much autogas fell on Tuesday, June 28

    How much does auto gas cost / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

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    Since mid-June, autogas has started to get cheaper at Ukrainian filling stations. On Tuesday, June 28, some networks also reduced the price of this fuel.

    Segodnya, with reference to enkorr and data from the daily price monitoring of the A-95 Consulting Group, tells where and what prices gas stations have set.

    What is the situation at gas stations

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    The average price of autogas in Ukraine on June 28 fell by 10 kopecks. and is 41.77 UAH per liter of fuel.

    At some gas stations, the cost is unchanged, however some networks have reduced it, including the following:

    • Belarusian Republican Youth Union – 40.19 UAH/l (cheaper by 0.15 UAH);
    • Ukrgasdobycha – 40 UAH/l (3 UAH);
    • Autotrans – 39.98 UAH / l (for 1 UAH);
    • Chipo – UAH 39.30/l (by UAH 1.30);
    • Katral – 40.97 UAH / l (for 1 UAH).

    At other gas stations, the situation is the same as it was the day before:

    • OKKO – 42 UAH / l;
    • WOG – 41.98 UAH/l;
    • Shell – 41.59 UAH/l;
    • KLO – 41.99 UAH/l;
    • UPG – 39 UAH/l;

    “As A-95 noted, the decrease in retail prices is due to an increase in autogas deliveries to Ukraine and a balancing of demand for it. It should be noted that now autogas is almost the only type of fuel for which there are no queues at gas stations,” – the message says.

    For the first time since February 24, the cost of fuel fell sharply

    Earlier, Segodnya wrote that wholesale fuel prices fell below retail prices. The reason is that farmers and other industrial consumers ceased to form their stocks.

    According to the A-95 Consulting Group, over the past week, gasoline has lost 1-2 UAH per liter, and the trading range is 50-54 UAH/l. Mini-refineries offered gasoline at 48-49 UAH/l in the central regions of the country and 52 UAH/l in the eastern regions.

    We also talked about the fact that the Belarusian Republican Youth Union has new rules for drivers, as well as that the WOG network has introduced changes.

    Source: Segodnya

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