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Tax, Tax day in a single day concentrated 168 tax deadlines

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Gas hikes weigh, aid checks in September (ANSA)

After the truce of August the taxman returns to beat cash. From today, Monday 22, the Italian taxpayers are expected by a real one tax day, with 179 formalities and 168 payments that are concentrated in a single day.

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In total, in the month of August, there are 205 tax obligations for approximately 40 billion in expected tax revenues. At the top of the fiscal calendar there is the deadline for the payment of the balance and the first down payment income tax, with an increase of 0.40%, which concerns many taxpayers but mainly VAT numbers. Those who have chosen the installment payment, and made the first payment by 30 June 2022, are now called to pay the third installment, with the application of interest in the amount of 0.51%.

Then there are the periodic obligations for holders of VAT withholding tax numbers, struggling with the deadline for VAT payments, withholding taxes and Inps contributions.

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Appointment also with the payment of the balance and the first deposit of theIRES with an increase of 0.4%. For corporate tax, those who have chosen the installment payment will find themselves having to pay the third installment, with 0.51% interest: in any case, they must have made the first payment by 30 June 2022.

On Monday there is also the deadline for the second quarter of the so-called ‘Esterometer’, with businesses and self-employed workers required to communicate the data of cross-border transactions to the Revenue Agency, i.e. sales of goods and services from or to subjects who are not established in Italian territory. There is also room for the Rai fee, with the payment of the second half-yearly installment for those who do not have the charge on their bill, while for those over 75 with an income not exceeding 8,000 euros it is possible to request exemption.

Other deadlines include the payment of withholding taxes on bank and post office transfers; the registration of the lease agreements and the payment of the registration tax; the monthly payment of the financial transaction tax, the Tobin Tax, which applies to banks, trust companies and investment firms. A particularly busy month for accountants, who through the president of the National Union of young chartered accountants and accounting experts, Matteo De Lise, asked for the definition of a new fiscal calendar.

Source: Ansa

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