the occupiers announced the resumption of the work of the Mariupol port

The equipment of the Mariupol port has been restored, it has been officially registered in the Russian register of seaports, and it is ready to receive ships. This was stated by Gauleiter of Mariupol Dmitry Berdnikov.

“The port is officially registered, a director has been appointed and there is a staff. The port will work, it is ready to receive containers. The equipment and access roads are ready for work,” Berdnikov told the Russian media.

Earlier, Mariupol Mayor’s adviser Petr Andryushchenko said that the port was ready for work: he said that the restoration work had been completed, and ships, including those with military cargo, had already begun to arrive at the port.

So, the other day the ship “Kalevala” arrived in the port. According to the class, this vessel belongs to the “non-self-propelled floating barracks”, and is capable of accommodating 400 people. According to Andryushchenko, they attracted a ship from Rostov.

Recall that recently a group of maritime experts Bosphorus Observer said that Russia uses container ships to transport weapons through the Bosphorus in defiance of an international ban. Thus, Russia controls the Black Sea and can transport any weapons, while Ukraine’s maritime traffic remains completely blocked.

Earlier, the European Business Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the Association “Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club” appealed to the United Nations (UN) and Turkey with a request to ensure free navigation in the Black Sea region. If the Russian Federation does not agree, its ships should be subject to the same checks as Ukrainian ones – they can transport military cargo.

Source: Obozrevatel

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