Need to urgently buy currency? What course awaits Ukrainians this week

Experts told Segodnya how the lockdown in Ukraine affects the dollar rate

We tell you what will happen to the dollar rate in the near future / Photo: Collage: Today

Despite the lockdowns in Ukraine, the situation on the foreign exchange market will remain stable. The hryvnia will grow stronger for another week.

As “Today” said analyst of the company “Center for Exchange Technologies” Maxim Oryshchak, from November 8 to November 14, the average dollar selling rate is likely to fluctuate within UAH 26.2-26.45.

In turn, Andrey Shevchishin, head of the Forex club analytics department, notes that while there are no large buyers of currency, the dollar is forced to submit to the power of sellers due to their dominance in the market.

Now the only buyers of currency are:

  • critical imports (petroleum products);
  • non-residents;
  • National Bank.

According to him, during the week the rate will be in the range of UAH 26.25-26.3 per dollar,

“The difficult energy situation in the country is a strong negative, the situation at coal-fired TPPs is very difficult. There are great fears that the entry of gas traders and coal importers into the foreign exchange market could sharply change the trend towards a weakening of the hryvnia,” says Andriy Shevchinin.

Sell ​​or buy currency

Some Ukrainians who invested in cash began to hand over it. Andrey Shevchishin advises buying dollars.

“The current strengthening of the hryvnia is a good opportunity to buy a currency that has fallen in price. But due to the weakness of buyers, the period of holding and staying in a position may drag on. And you need to be ready for this,” explained Andriy Shevchyshyn.

Let us remind you that earlier the Segodnya site, together with experts, figured out what would happen to the dollar exchange rate in the near future.

We also wrote that according to the “Big Mac Index”, the dollar in Ukraine “should” cost 11.5 hryvnia, and the hryvnia itself is undervalued by 57.7%.


Source From: Segodnya

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