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How to help animals in 30-degree heat – advice from a veterinarian

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What you should know before leaving a pet alone at home, how to walk your dog in the summer and many other useful expert tips

If possible, go swimming with the animal / Photo: unsplash.com

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Summer in Ukraine! We always look forward to this season, hoping to go to the beach or go on vacation to the sea. This year, everything is different. We have to hide from the scorching sun in between the “Alarm” signals. Our pets suffer even more.

How to help animals survive the 30-degree heat, said veterinarian and zoopsychologist Lidia Lobodina in her Instagram account.

Veterinarian advice:

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To make your pets more comfortable in the heat, follow these tips:

  • Walk your dog before 8 am and after 8 pm. Then the air is no longer so hot.
  • Be sure to take water with you when you go for a walk. Drinking bottles are ideal.
  • Make sure that there is always fresh water in the animal’s bowl. Better – arrange a few bowls around the house in different rooms.
  • If you still went for a walk during the day, try to stay in the shade, do not drive animals on the pavement, walk on the grass. The coating of roads and sidewalks is very hot in the sun, the animal can get burned on the paw pads.
  • If possible, walk near water bodies, where there are many green areas.
  • Reduce the amount of exercise and stress. Ideally, if you can replace them with swimming.
  • Do not cut the coat, as this is the only barrier that protects the animal from ultraviolet rays. Better – comb out the hair.
  • Wet the paws of the animal with cool water.
  • Buy a cooling mat.
  • When leaving an animal alone at home, turn on the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature and ensure good ventilation.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, leave an animal locked in a car. Even one minute can be fatal for the pet’s body.
  • Do not use tight muzzles, collars and other ammunition that makes breathing difficult.

Also, don’t forget about homeless animals. Try to put water containers near the house or where animals live. This could save their lives.

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Source: Segodnya

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