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The judge supported Prince Harry in the battle against the tabloid. How was the grandson of Elizabeth II slandered?

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The British media published the article back in February. Meghan Markle’s husband had no choice but to go to court. Details in the material

The Duke of Sussex continues to sue the tabloids / Photo: Collage: Today

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The Dukes of Sussex are no strangers to hiring a team of lawyers and filing lawsuits against the tabloids. Most often goes to the British. The subjects of Queen Elizabeth love to read about the scandalous couple who broke off relations with the family and moved to California. At the end of 2021, Meghan Markle won her case against the Mail on Sunday tabloid. And now Prince Harry has taken over the editors of the scandalous media. This was reported by “The Sun”.

In February of this year, the publication published an article under the heading: “Exclusive: as Prince Harry tried to keep his legal battle with the government over bodyguards a secret… and then – just minutes after things got out of control – his PR machine tried to whitewash the differences.”

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry / Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry felt that the words of the tabloid editors caused not only serious damage to his reputation, but also made him suffer. Lawyers for the Duke of Sussex said the article contained false allegations that their client lied and manipulated public opinion.

Obvious signs of slander towards the grandson of Elizabeth II Chief Justice Niklin also saw it.

The article does not contain such a straightforward statement (ed. – about the title). Hypothetically, a reasonable reader would actually understand the difference between the untwisting of facts and lies,” Niklin shared his conclusions.

Issued today, July 08, the judgment is the first stage of the claim of the Duke of Sussex about libel against a tabloid. The publisher must now present its defense in the case. However, after the support of the chief judge, Prince Harry’s chances of winning have increased significantly.

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