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Lil Kim before and after her amazing transformation

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Lil Kim, now 48, has always been open about her love for plastic surgery. She’s had multiple procedures over the years, including a nose job, breast augmentation, and liposuction. In recent years, she’s also admitted to getting butt injections.

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But it seems like the rapper may have taken things too far recently, as fans are convinced she’s had a “rib removal” procedure. This would explain why her waist appears to be so unnaturally small. Lil Kim has a tiny waist, but it looks like she’s taken things to a new level lately. In photos of the rapper, her waist looks even smaller than usual. And many fans are convinced that she’s had rib removal surgery to make it happen. Lil Kim has denied having any surgeries, and her reps haven’t commented on the rib removal rumors. But she admitted to getting butt injections in a recent interview. The rapper said she’s had a “few” of them and isn’t sure what they’re made of.

Lil Kim Botox:

Lil Kim is known for her iconic look and unique style. But it seems like the rapper has been relying on a little help from Botox to maintain her appearance. Recently, fans have noticed that Lil Kim’s face looks noticeably different, and they suspect she’s had some work done.

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While Lil Kim has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, there’s no denying that she looks different. And whether or not she’s had work done, we think she looks fabulous!

Lil Kim’s face surgery:

Lil Kim has been a well-known rapper in the music industry for over two decades. Recently, she shocked fans when she revealed that she had undergone significant facial surgery. According to reports, Lil Kim’s new look results from extensive work on her nose, chin, and cheeks.

While some fans support Lil Kim’s decision to change her appearance, others are critical. Some say she looks unrecognizable and worry that the surgery may have been unnecessary. However, Lil Kim’s new look was the topic of discussion on a recent America’s Next Top Model episode. During a panel, Tyra Banks and other judges praised Lil Kim for her appearance and encouraged people to be more accepting of others’ decisions about their bodies.

Lil Kim’s nose job:

Looking at photos of Lil Kim over time can be startling since not only is her skin tone and face shape changing, but her appearance, in general, is transforming over time. For example, in 2003 or 2004, Her nose seems to have undergone a dramatic remodel, suggesting she’d had plastic surgery. This would work in line with her nose job, which she confirms having gotten on a damaged nose due to tolerance.

Her skin color changed remarkably between 2010 and 2013, becoming more incandescent. In addition, she has applied cosmetic surgery on her cheeks and eyes.

Lil Kim’s plastic surgery before and after:

Lil Kim is a famous rapper known for her unique style and look. She has undergone several plastic surgery procedures over the years and has recently been in the news for her latest transformation. Here is a look at Lil Kim’s plastic surgery before and after.

Lil' Kim: How Her Face Has Changed

Image: US Weekly

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