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    Actress Tatyana Ratnikova spoke about divorce and romance on the set

    Recently on the channel “Ukraine” the premiere of the melodrama “A Place in the Sun” took place, where the main role was played by Tatyana Ratnikova. The actress shared the details of her personal life

    Actress Tatyana Ratnikova in the series will play the main character Martha / Photo: press service

    In the new action-packed drama, she played the role of Martha, a provincial girl who, after murder charges faces a number of intriguing incidents.

    During the filming, the actress practically lives in the pavilion – there will be little time left for personal. Whether there were office romances, she does not admit, she only says that fall in love on the set quite possible.

    If you meet a person, your energies converge, you fall in love with each other – what difference does it make where this meeting took place? It’s just a stereotype: people think that if actors play love, then they really are in love. But this usually has nothing to do with life, – Tatiana shares.

    / Photo: Instagram

    The heroine Tanya’s plot complicated love line, as it turned out, in the life of an actress too – she is divorced.

    That is why I am not talking about marriage. This is a part of my life, and I am very grateful to my ex-husband – he taught me a lot, we went through a lot together. I have no offense, – says Ratnikova.

    But the actress does not feel loneliness, because she has a person who can support and is always there – a twin sister.

    Senior Katyusha, she was born five minutes earlier… It is customary to think that the elder is the leader, but this is not so: at different periods of our life, Katya and I were the leader. I have always been hyperresponsible: I tried to control all her actions, protected from things that seemed dangerous to me, ” recalls Tanya.

    Now she and her sister also maintain a close relationship, but the actress tries less interfere with her life:

    We are two different personalities and influence her choice I just have no right, Says Ratnikova.




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