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Myrta Merlino, Women braving the storm

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From Liliana Segre, witness of one of the darkest pages in history, to Ilaria Capua, a scientist at the forefront of the fight against covid, and then nurses, cashiers, temporary workers, housewives, office workers and many others: they are different but share the same ability to go ahead and resist despite the difficulties the protagonists of “Women who challenge the storm” (Solferino), a book in which Myrta Merlino has composed a collective account of the condition of women.
Gathering the voices of suffering and rebellion, injustice and hope, doubts and fears, the author described these women as an emblem of all the others who, like them, are committed every day to countering the male chauvinist mentality. A mentality that has become customary, which sees women still not at par or completely free and above all that always wants them a step behind men.
“We are sisters who walk together to feel less alone, who feel the battles of others as if they were their own because generosity is contagious and pushes us to launch our hearts and brains over the obstacle in a new season of affirmation and responsibility”, writes the journalist. in a book that aims to understand, after the collapse of certainties in the months of the pandemic, what place women occupy in today’s society and what challenges they still have to face.

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