Herculaneum, Excavations opened on an extraordinary basis on 8 December

(ANSA) – ERCOLANO, 06 DEC – The Archaeological Park of Herculaneum will be open on an extraordinary basis on Wednesday 8 December, on the occasion of the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Visitors will be able to admire, in addition to the domus, also the area of ​​the ancient beach where there are the casts of about three hundred fugitives, the last of which was found in a recent excavation campaign. There, work is underway to reconnect the ancient coast to the area of ​​Villa dei Papiri, allowing tourists to stroll as it did in ancient times.

“Since the reopening in June, the Herculaneum Park is experiencing a recovery that sees it as a protagonist in the cultural panorama at various levels”, says the director Francesco Sirano. “The interest of visitors also grows in the winter period and that is why, in order not to interrupt this flow, the opening of 8 December is inserted: in this way we offer the opportunity to those who are spending days off in the area to be able to savor the climate of rebirth that reigns in Herculaneum “.



Source From: Ansa

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