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    NFTs developed by young people from the periphery is launched by social impact startups

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    Edtech MAIS1CODE, a social impact business, announced a partnership with Crew Labs, a Web3 development startup, and officially launch their first drop of non-fungible tokens (NFT)with a series of collectibles ‘tokenized‘ prepared by young people from the communities.

    the collection of NFTs seeks to portray, in a simple way, the main characteristics of the broken through the representation of different tribes from the periphery of Brazil.

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    According to MAIS1CODE’s founding partner, Diogo Bezerra, the idea of ​​inserting low-income young people into the non-fungible token universe came from understanding the need to be aware of technological opportunities for students. It was then that together with Crew Labs, they developed a collection of 100% NFT created by Brazilians from the broken, the ‘Space Backpackers Crew’.

    According to Diogo, all the project’s work involves including low-income young people in this area, after all, this factor should not prevent them from accessing information and trends in the world.

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    “NFTs are on the rise, that’s a fact, but until then, this reality was far from the community and why can’t we be involved in the latest trends in the technology market? We can!”, emphasizes the entrepreneur raised in Jardim Pantanal.

    Also according to him, the objective is to use 100% of the profit from the sales of NFTs, in the exclusive formation of classes in Web3, which according to the co-founder of Crew Labs, Jonathan Cristovão, not only the Brazilian market, but the international market demands from web3 developers.

    “When we talk about developers who build Web3 solutions, we are talking about a demand multiplied by 10. It is a world of opportunities for these young people, who, in addition to being trained to work as programmers, will be strategically positioned to develop what we call “the new internet”, he explains.

    And in addition to contributing to technological education, when acquiring an NFT from the collection, the buyer will also: receive a fungible token, to be part of an exclusive program of advantages, such as: free mentorships and exclusive lectures with crypto market professionals. In addition to earning cashback and exclusive promotions with MAIS1CODE supporters.

    “Our expectation, as a movement that teaches programming for free, is to draw the attention of other institutions and show that these young people are capable of entering the tech world, including the world of Web3, and contributing to this revolution. But for that, we need these companies to invest in the training of students and, more than that, for people to support this digital transformation through the countless spaces we create”, concludes Bezerra.

    The collection already has 2202 NFTs available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace, with the launch of another 250 artworks (NFTs) already scheduled for this August. You can find them by visiting the project’s official website.

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