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    Real estate funds close the session with the second highest rise of the year; Brick FII is featured

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    FII Arctium Real Estate records worst performance this Monday (Image: Pexels)

    The B3 Real Estate Funds Index (Ifix) ended the session this Monday (15th) with a rise of 1.08%, at 2,902 points. The result is the second highest increase in the indicator in the year, behind only the increase of 1.16% recorded on February 25th.

    With an appreciation of 7.47%, the brick fund Rio Bravo Renda Corporativa (RCRB11) topped the list of highest highs in the trading session. FII Riza Arctium Real Estate (ARCT11) registered the worst result, with a drop of 2.24%.

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    The real estate fund Iridium Real Estate Receivables (IRDM11) announced that it will distribute R$ 1.33 per share in earnings in the month of August, which represents a gain of 3.1% over July and a return with dividends (dividend yield) of 15.55% in the last 12 months.

    The increase in IRDM11 dividends takes place in a scenario of decelerating inflation, which negatively impacts the return of receivables funds, since the asset class usually pays yields indexed to the IPCA plus a fixed interest rate (see the full report in this section). link).

    Check out today’s biggest hikes:

    Background ticker Variation
    Rio Bravo Corporate Income RCRB11 7.47%
    Industrial XP XPIN11 5.43%
    Vectis Real Interest VCJR11 4.46%
    BTG Pactual Corporate Office BRCR11 4.35%
    Vinci Logistics VILG11 4.10%

    See today’s biggest casualties:

    Background ticker Variation
    Riza Arctium Real Estate ARCT11 -2.24%
    Brazilian Graveyard and Death Care CARE11 -1.71%
    Tordesillas EI TORD11 -1.45%
    AF Invest CRI AFHI11 -1.36%
    RBR CRI RBRY11 -1.08%

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