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    South Africa suspends anti-dumping application to Brazilian chicken

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    South Africa surpassed US$1 billion, of which about 17% corresponded to exports of chicken cuts (Image: Pixabay)

    THE South Africa suspended for up to 12 months the application of anti-dumping duties against Brazilian exporters of meat in chicken frozen, a measure that harmed the competitiveness of the Brazilian product in the South African market, said the Ministry of Economy in note this Wednesday.

    Since December 2021, South Africa has been applying anti-dumping tariffs against companies Brazilian exporters, varying between 6% and 265.1%, in addition to the import tax.

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    The measure was taken after negotiations between the Brazilian government and South Africa, the ministry said.

    In 2021, Brazilian exports to South Africa exceeded US$1 billion, of which about 17% corresponded to exports of frozen chicken cuts, the ministry said.

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