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    The US government and the Public Ministry make an agreement and criminal organizations may have assets blocked

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    (Facebook / Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo)

    This Wednesday (17), Brian Nelson, undersecretary of the US Treasury Department responsible for the area of ​​financial intelligence and combating terrorism, was received at the Public Ministry in São Paulo. The meeting dealt with President Joe Biden’s executive order to impose sanctions on foreigners involved in international drug trafficking.

    In addition to the undersecretary, the US Treasury attaché for South America, director of the Foreign Assets Control Agency, legal advisors from the US consulate, as well as government advisors and spokespeople were at the meeting.

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    The Brazilians were represented by the promoters of the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (GAECO).

    The purpose of the agreement between the Treasury Department and the institution is to implement a flow of information that makes it possible to apply sanctions to members of the PCC and to companies used by the criminal organization for money laundering.

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    President Biden’s executive order involves measures such as blocking suspects’ property and banning bank transfers, loans and financing. The measure also makes it possible to punish foreigners who receive properties derived from trafficking revenue. In practice, the CCP and its members and related companies may have assets and financial resources blocked in the US.

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