‘Bitcoin is inevitable’: understand why this may be the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin resilience could make room for millionaire valuations, according to analyst (Image: Unsplash)

The week was busy for the markets. The collapse of several banks in the US left investors on high alert, fearing a new generalized crisis in the financial system, like the one in 2008.

But while bank stocks suffered heavy losses, one asset responded very well to the crisis: the Bitcoin.

And experts believe this could be just the beginning. Indeed, it is possible that recent events serve to further boost Bitcoin from now on.

This is because the collapse of banks served to emphasize a great advantage of cryptocurrencies compared to other assets: the decentralization.

That is, because they are not subject to the control of governments and financial institutions, cryptocurrencies have attracted investors betting on the thesis and fundamentals of the asset as an alternative to more “traditional” investments.

In addition, the pressure to reduce interest rates in the US after the “crash” of the banks proved to be favorable for cryptocurrencies, as it encourages risk appetite.

As a result, Bitcoin appreciated – another indication that we may be facing the beginning of a “fat cow season” in the crypto market, which could provoke ever-increasing valuations from now on.

That’s right, the Bitcoin he can shoot – and the high can reach up to $28kaccording to an expert, with the potential to exceed that figure in the future.

And if you find that hard to believe, know that this movement has already begun. Only since the 10th, Bitcoin appreciated more than 24%and spent the last few days on a high.

Did you understand? These are some factors that point to the same conclusion: we are going through a good time for seek fat profits with cryptocurrencies.

Why did Bitcoin manage to escape the impact of the banking crisis in recent days?

To understand why Bitcoin is behaving so well in this troubled scenario, we can “start at the beginning” and remember that the cryptocurrency was precisely created as a response to the 2008 Crisis.

Satoshi Nakamoto, anonymous creator of Bitcoin, conceived cryptocurrency as a form of exchange decentralizedwhich is not subject to the decision of governments or corporations.

Because of this, Bitcoin, with its predefined monetary policy and programmed scarcity, is able to conserve value – and even increase in value – even in times of crisis in the financial system.

The result is what we are seeing: while instability in the banking sector made the stock market fluctuate, with several companies suffering considerable losses in value, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were less affected.

Of course, this is good news in the short term for those who have Bitcoin in their wallet and are seeing their investment appreciate… but the benefits go further than that.

Vinicius Bazan, a specialist in crypto assets, believes that the episode can serve to consolidate Bitcoin as an alternative payment method, paving the way for cryptocurrency to be increasingly used as a store of value and anti-crisis.

Nobody is denying that investing in cryptocurrencies has risks, of course. But even though it is a risky asset, Bitcoin has decentralization as a differential, which allows it to be able to “dodge” some events that make more traditional investments lose value.

Because of this, Bazan believes that the future is promising for Bitcoin (and for those who invest in it). In the words of the analyst:

“The winner – or winner -, on the other hand, is the bitcoin thesis, which comes out of this event very strengthened. […] There is still a long way to go on this journey in search of an improvement in the world economy, but we already have at least a good demonstration that, little by little, crypto is moving towards greater adoption and that the bitcoin thesis is inevitable.”

That is, the critical scenario served to show the resilience of Bitcoin, which should grow stronger and, consequently, deliver higher valuations.

In addition, another factor plays in favor of cryptocurrencies: the prospect of lowest interest rates in the US it can “fuel” investors’ risk appetite, and benefit the crypto market.

That’s what we’ve seen happen over the past few days, as the US bank failure opened the door for an easing of the Fed’s monetary tightening.

While higher interest rates end up being advantageous for those who invest in fixed income, the prospect of lower interest rates makes risky assets such as Bitcoin the “winner” in history.

But Bitcoin was not the only cryptocurrency to do well with this situation.

When Bitcoin appreciates, it ends up pulling other smaller coins with it. In some cases, the valuations are so impressive that they can make ordinary investors get rich overnight.

Take this cryptocurrency, for example, which went up about 50% in 7 days:

Such an appreciation would mean, for example, invest R$ 1 thousand and profit R$ 500 in a week. Those who invested BRL 5,000 on a Friday, “sextou” the following week with BRL 7,500.

If it continues at this pace, just imagine the profits that can be captured in a matter of a few months…

In fact, Bazan believes that the scenario makes it possible real chances of becoming a millionaire with cryptocurrencies starting this year.

The cryptocurrency above is part of a list of 4 recommendations prepared by analyst Vinicius Bazan, and thought especially for ordinary Brazilians who seek profit R$ 1 million from this year.

Of course Bitcoin is always a good choice if you invest or want to start investing in cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoin has already grown a lot, so exponential gains are much rarer.

Investing in smaller cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, is a way to “surf” Bitcoin’s highs and have a chance to profit more.

That’s because Bitcoin’s appreciation pulls the price of other cryptocurrencies up.

If we are talking about smaller coins, which have not yet taken off, the story gets even better: they have much more room to grow and deliver. truly impressive profits.

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