Petrobras (PETR4) informs if it will buy Vibra Energia (VBBR3)

Market speculates on a possible purchase of Vibra by Petrobras (Image: Reproduction/ Youtube BR Distribuidora)

A Petrobras (PETR3) denied that he is negotiating, together with Previ, the pension fund of Savings Bankthe purchase of vibrate energy (VBBR3), shows a document sent to the market this Friday (26).

According to the company, any actions related to the acquisition of interest in any company require careful analysis from a portfolio management perspective and must be conducted in compliance with governance practices and applicable internal procedures.

According to the TC Scoop portal, the government has asked Petrobras and Previ to study the possibility of buying a stake in the company, formerly BR Distribuidora, which was privatized under Bolsonaro.

What if Vibra buys Petrobras?

A Petrobras went to court to take back the brand BR Distribuidoraindicating its interest in returning to fuel distribution.

According to the station network’s CEO, Ernesto Pousada, however, it is “very low probability” that Petrobras will be able to recover the BR brand.

Another factor that could prevent a possible acquisition would be a clause in the bylaws of the vibrates. If Petrobras want to repurchase it, you will have to pay a premium over the price of the last few months.

“The price of vibrates it fell a lot. In relation to the market price, it is extremely expensive to buy now”, says Mateus Haag, an analyst at Investment Guide.

already the Bradesco BBI says that if the state-owned thinks about recovering what it “lost”, the repurchase thesis of the vibrates must remain alive. The broker believes that the possibility of the state-owned company to buy back the company will increase by the end of the year.

Jean Paul Prates regretted the fact that Petrobras no longer have a distribution network to call your own. Another possibility, according to analysts, would be for the company to buy Alesat, owner of the Ale stations.

Source: Moneytimes

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