Middle school Latin? Whites, reform is needed but school can foresee it

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 23 – The three-year plan of the educational offer of middle schools may also include the teaching of Latin, if approved, but at the moment in the lower secondary school the teaching of this language, nor the teaching of Latin, is among the disciplines of the national guidelines for the curriculum of kindergarten and elementary school issued by ministerial decree in 2012.

A possible reintroduction of Latin would therefore require a regulatory intervention that would affect the entire legal, organizational and didactic structure of the media with a remodeling of the entire study plan and related timetables, as well as a modification of the national guidelines for the curriculum. This is what the Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi points out in answering a question. In the document, the interrogators asked the holder of the dicastery in viale Trastevere if “he would like to evaluate the possibility of reintroducing the teaching of the Latin language in middle schools”. The minister, while explaining that specific regulatory intervention is needed to reintroduce the teaching of the language, abolished from schools in 1977, clarifies that the teaching staff can, within the scope of their prerogatives, activate teaching and strengthen disciplines, within the maximum limit of 20 percent of the lesson time. This possibility is further allowed if, in the context of the autonomy, the educational institutions have teachers belonging to the specific competition class. “In this way, starting from lower secondary schools, it will be possible to enhance the heritage of the Greek and Latin tradition so as to pass it on to female students, not only as a heritage of the past, but as a key to interpreting and reading the our contemporaneity “, concludes Bianchi. (HANDLE).

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