‘Neutral bathroom’ in Turin high school, Student Action protest

Ukraine, Borrell:

(ANSA) – TURIN, FEBRUARY 25 – Militants of Student Action, a youth organization of the Brothers of Italy, have posted the banner ‘Males and females Punto!’ During the night in Turin, in front of the Liceo Classico Alfieri. A protest against the decision of the students and the management of the institute to create ‘neutral’ bathrooms, for those who do not recognize themselves in the gender distinction between boys and girls, within the school.

“We have decided to affix this banner because it is necessary to reiterate that the existing sexes are two: male and female – explains Action Student – In the school there must be no room for crazy gender ideologies that would also like to make sexuality fluid and indefinite. Think, rather, , to solve the real problems that today afflict the Italian school, starting from the deaths during the alternation “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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