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Mafia: arrests in the Lecce area; clan chief commanded from prison

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(ANSA) – LECCE, 08 APR – He continued to manage the clan from the prison where Pasquale Briganti, known as ‘Maurizio’, has been held since 2019, through family members and associates, managing to affiliate new people through the rituals of mafia-type criminal organizations and raising the internal rank of those already belonging to the Sacred crown united. This is what was ascertained by the investigations of the ‘Game Over’ anti-mafia operation which today led to the execution of 17 pre-trial detention orders carried out by the agents of the Lecce police headquarters.

Incidents of extortion were documented, also to support affiliates in prison, and punitive expeditions against those who did not observe the rules. The clan would have dealt directly with the purchase of the drug, mainly in Albania, and with the final delivery to the various pusher. It would also have had a consistent availability of weapons, including war weapons, of Balkan origin. During the activities, Soviet assault machine guns were seized, including AK47 Kalashnikov and M.70 Zavasta model, as well as numerous 45 caliber, 38 special caliber pistols and related ammunition. For the purchase of these weapons, the criminal group allegedly had an Italian person of Montenegrin origins as their contact person, the glue between the clan and the arms traffickers residing in the Panareo nomad camp in Lecce.

Among the illegal activities of the clan there are also extortion of street vendors on the occasion of Lecce football matches, musical events and festivals; the management of illegal parking during shows and sporting events; and the extortion of some traders on the occasion of the festivities of the patron saint of Lecce.


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Source: Ansa

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